Instituto Mundo Antigo (Brazilian Ancient World Institute) is selecting Professors to teach online Courses concerning Antiquity from 8 to 12 hours (4 to 6 online classes). The call is for the first months of 2022, and the language of the courses can be English, French or Spanish. 

The payment to the professor is made in euros or dollars, according to a modality to be agreed upon. We currently pay 350 euros for a 8-hour course (4 or 5 lessons).

*At the moment, we are particularly interested in specialists in Mesopotamian civilizations (Babylons, Assyrians, etc.), Levantines (Phoenicians), Asia Minor (Hittites, Persians), as well as scholars who study ancient India or China. Courses that discuss the same topic in various civilizations are also welcome (for example, The City in Antiquity or Ancient Warfare). 

How the online classes work (pre-recorded lessons plus live discussion sessions):

The professor must previously record the content of the class using visual supports (powerpoints slides, for instance). The video must be unpublished, being made exclusively for the course. It must have around 1 hour. We will subtitle the video with Portuguese subtitles. At the scheduled time of the class, the Brazilian students will watch the video with subtitles in a zoom session. Immediately after, the professor will be present for  comments and questions that takes 20 to 30 minutes. We will have a translator in the session to facilitate the communication between Portuguese and the foreign language. This procedure will take place in each class (our courses have 4 or 5 lessons). 

* Our courses do not have exams; therefore, the professor will not need to grade students.


– To have a PhD degree or to be a PhD candidate in History, Archaeology, Classical Studies, Philosophy or Philology;

– To have material published recently concerning ancient civilizations or the influence of themes from Antiquity in our time. By “ancient civilization” is meant the diverse peoples of Antiquity (“Western”, “African” or “Eastern”) from approximately 3,000 BC to VI AD;

– To have a secure internet connection, good technical conditions for webcam and microphone, and a quiet space for teaching.

If you meet the requirements and want to apply, these are the steps:

1. Send an email introducing yourself and adding three pieces of information:

a) the Curriculum; 

b) examples of Course titles that you feel able to teach; 

c) a link to a recorded video of a class or lecture you have recently taught.

Address the communication to Dr Félix Jácome via this email:

2. Once we have verified that your profile fits what we are looking for, we will schedule a 20-minute interview. You should present us a lesson extract on a topic previously arranged [in exceptional cases, this part may be waived].

3. Once our scientific committee approves you, you will work with our team to propose one (or more) course(s). 

It is, therefore, an excellent opportunity to share, on a paid basis, your academic knowledge with a diverse audience (undergraduate and graduate students from various courses, as well as the general adult audience). courseconl


Instituto Mundo Antigo (Brazilian Ancient World Institute) is an autonomous Center for research and teaching of Antiquity societies (~3000 BC – 700 AD) and their influences on our culture. The Center was found in 2018, and its proposal is to produce and disseminate the academic knowledge related to Antiquity to the general public and a specialized audience. We based our activities on three primary modalities:

1. Online courses, debates and other events about ancient civilizations and their languages, such as Greece, Rome, Egypt or India. We launch monthly short online courses, taught by PhDs or PhDs Candidates who effectively research ancient societies in the best Universities;

2. Texts about the civilizations of Antiquity and their relevance for our time, including reviews of new books, games, movies and series that address the ancient world.

3. Cultural trips to historical monuments, archaeological sites and museums linked to Antiquity with specialized professors in partnership with tourism agencies.

Following the logic of the internet, we work as a network that connects people and institutions inside and outside Brazil around a common interest, creating a space for passionate interaction beyond the academic environment.

Prof. Dr. Félix Jácome

Phd in Classical Studies (University of Coimbra)